What is a website? - A Description

A website as per definition is a collection of web pages which can be found when browsing the internet. These pages appear when you put in an address or link on your browser or search a query on a search engine. Think of a company representative akin to genie, who appears as soon as you go looking for him!

And just like a genie websites are made to serve several kinds of purposes of the entity owning them and can come with text, graphics, images, sounds or animation. While there may be several purposes of a website an important one is to help make an enjoyable experience for the people visiting it.

Usually when you enter a particular website address you are usually guided to the site’s home page. This is the foyer of the house which leads to the other rooms. The home page usually has a clear navigation panel (usually in the header or footer) of the page where all the links to other web pages can be found.

While it is up to the web developers and designers but the home page usually contains all the information about what the website is about or services or products or information it contains. A website could have only one page or a number of pages, which is dependent on what the site owner is trying to accomplish.

Why create websites? Your wish is their service!
People visit websites for two main reasons when lurking about the internet.
1.They need information about a certain subject, which could be the latest gadget and its specs, the nearest bistro around, a picture of a human heart or some funny cat memes.
2.They intend to complete a task, buy the latest smartphone, download a piece of software or aggressively discuss a topic they care about with complete strangers who have varying opinions of the same!

When you serve either of these two purposes online through your website, you automatically gain loyalty of your internet-citizens and begin to rule their hearts in terms of your business or subject domain!

It’s not me it’s you!
The rule of thumb to go by when creating a website is that it is being created for an audience and not for you! You must already know plenty about your products, services or the purpose behind them. But the goal is to inform relevant people about that so, the contents of the website should be organized in that very manner which is easy to understand for even an outsider.

A website is the gateway towards communication between your visitors and your business and such a project can only be successful when the message is being received by the intended users.

Modern businesses today consider creating a website even before having their own physical address! Why? Because majority of our generation is always online through some media or the other; so, online is the fastest and easiest way to reach them to get the word out there.

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